Items in cart, no more copies and item is still available for sale

ISSUE: Items are added to someone’s cart and we have no more copies left but the item is still available for sale for anyone else to buy.

I would like to set it up so if someone adds a item to their cart and we don’t have anymore copies the item is removed from the site.

How do I do this?

This is a big time problem for me me most items we only have one copy of.

Version 2.1.4

How do you propose to handle the situation where someone adds to the cart and then leaves your store and goes elsewhere. Normally (and I think correctly), inventory is debited at the time when items are paid for (Processed status in orders).

I have shopped in stores that will hold inventory for you for X minutes and if you don’t check out within that time frame it makes it available again for other customers. While it is in the cart, it shows as ‘pending’ to other customers. That might be one way to handle it.

True Amanda, that is one way to possibly handle it, but that’s not the way cs-cart handles it.

I think this is now working properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Want to elaborate on what “properly” means? There are many different strategies that could be applied, I think it works the way I described above.

His modification will remove products from inventory as they are added to the cart. The cart contents are stored in the DB for a limited period of time and then removed and products added back into inventory if not purchased.

Okay, not how I would want it to work, but…

Way too hard to figure out where your inventory is (abandoned cart or on the shelf).

Just my two cents but I prefer the cart that would flag product as unavailable as soon as it is put in the cart and if the order is not finalized by a certain time, it is returned to stock.

Our store has over 2500 items and we have used Miva Merchant 4 for many years now and this was one feature we will be sorry to see go when we finish our CS-Cart conversion. There seems to be very few carts that have that option for inventory control.

Definitely how carts address inventory availability is a debate that everyone can win (or lose) depending on how they operate their stores and what type of goods they sell.

I’m sorry, I think I missed something - was there a modification to make it remove the items from inventory when they’re placed in the cart? Is so, is this available some place?


I wish CS-cart would make it the default that as soon as a product is added to the cart and it is sold out it becomes unavailable to anyone else and if the order is not finalized by a certain time, it is returned to stock. We should also be able to set how long we want to keep the items in the cart.

I don’t know why anyone would be against this.