Items in a box does not seem to be working

Version 2.2.4

I'm trying to define that 1 to 5 items fit in one box (flat rate medium box) and that more than 5 adds another cost to the total.

In otherwords, the item it defined “items in a box” min = 1 and max = 5.

If I add purchase 6 items, the shipping cost still comes out as one box worth - it really should be 2 boxes worth of shipping cost

Are you using USPS or something else? For some reason I've never been able to get this to work for USPS and I have yet to see a fix on here.



Yes, I'm using USPS.

Guys, I believe that I did see this acknowledged in the bugtracker (specifically related to USPS/Items in a Box) and I also believe a code fix was made available at that time (maybe 4-5 months ago?)