Items Being Skipped

Hello all,

I'm facing a weird issue.

I created the csv with the products the website should have and first tested with 1 product that had 3 variations. Just to test.

The csv file uploaded just fine and products were inserted but I am not sure if that was done properly as the Greek names of the products did not import correctly so I had to erase both the products and the categories it created.

Then I tried to re-import. This time I got a report that all products were skipped. The main configurable product, as well as the variations, were skipped. 1 product and 3 variations.

Then I tried with 2 configurable products (and 8 variations). same deal-all skipped. The report was as follows:

ImportantData is imported successfully.
New products - 0:

  • Simple: 0
  • Configurable: 0
  • Variations: 0

Updated products - 0:

  • Simple: 0
  • Configurable: 0
  • Variations: 0

Skipped products - 10:

  • Simple: 0
  • Configurable: 2
  • Variations: 8

Total - 10.

I mean the file should not be that messed up. It is recognised and stats come out properly.

I am also attaching it here below.

I appreciate all the help.

Artikia-Products-Database_converter(signal) (test-csv).CSV

Ok... It seems I'm making some progress here.

When I remove the product type column (Configurable or Variation) the products are imported but as single products. Is there a way to import them as product variations? What am I placing wrong here?

The variations are things like material and color.

Best thing to do is create a product manually with all necessary data then export it. You can then use it to make sure you're creating your file correctly.

Oh thanks for the reply,

That's what I did actually in the first place.

The two columns for product type and options were made according to one test product I made on the site which has size and colour variations. I then took that as a guide and made the csv I've attached to my first post. Still, though there is that error and products are skipped. So I guess I'm missing something with the way the product variations are created using the csv import function.

I didn't look at your file the first time because I don't use variations. However, I downloaded it and it appears that the file isn't formatted correctly.



You probably mean the encoding. Yes I fixed that. It was not the problem. I still can't import products with variations.

If you try and upload that file without the columns for product type and options, the products are created properly. Although the greek letters are a bit scrambled, this doesn't really affect the product creation process. Since the encoding issue is gone (I used google spreadsheets to create the csv and the encoding was fixed) I only need some help with the variations for the products.

Thank you.

Not the encoding. The data doesn't line up in the columns correctly.

Yes, I see your point.

It's a semicolon formatted csv. So the commas are not there to create columns. Importing it you need to set excel to have only semicolons as separators. The same way cs-cart does.

This is important cause Options are separated using commas.

However the data aligns fine when I import it here using the rules above.