Item specific flat shipping

Does anybody know of either an add-on or a method which I can provide item specific flat rate shipping rates for my vendors?

I have vendors looking to sign up on with my store but for some reason I can’t figure out if there is a way to let them add flat rate shipping to specific items. (Like on Esty)

For example:

I have a vendor that wants shipping on all his ONLY black t-shirts to be $5USD for orders inside the US. If the customer adds other items outside the black t-shirt, normal rates would apply. So vendor needs to be able to login and assign $5 flat rate shipping to all products that fit that description.

Does anybody know how to do this? Or am I looking having to pay for a custom add-on?

Oh I’m using V3 of the Multi Vendor.

You can add a specific shipping cost to an item. You can enter an amount in the “shipping freight” field, which can be found under the shipping properties tab. If you are shipping to different countries then this option will not work for you.

I am going to eventually have someone create an add on for our website that will allow vendors to add specific shipping cost for each item/region. But for the moment, we are only allowing US orders so we are able to use the method I suggested above.

True, but by doing that and having live rate calculation active on your site it will just add what ever the freight cost is on to shipping cost of the item.

We do not use the live shipping rate calculation, so this is not an issue for us.