Item Is Out Of Stock In Backend But Website Is Showing As In Stock And Available To Buy

There's a few products on our website that are currently out of stock in backend, but showing on the website as available and in stock.

For example, this Fitbit Charge HR, the only one on the site, is out of stock.


But on the website it is available to buy and showing as 'In Stock'.


Any ideas? There's a few products doing this. None of the are duplicates etc. Most are working as normal.

FYI We use Linnworks Stock System. The item is showing a 0 stock in Linnworks as well.

i think the problem is that you are missing a setting at the prodcut page, there is one option to track inventory.

ffwd is right, please double check the Pricing / inventory section on the update product page. Also note that there is the Show out of stock products option on the Settings -> General page

Just like to add that if you show ZERO stock on an item Google will put you on the last page of it's index. I've been testing this for the past 2 months.