Item Full Description

Hello. I am new to CS-cart and this is my first question. In the item description, I want to list some details, but I want them to appear on 5 lines (one below the other), but they all apear on one line (or I should say 1 paragraph). How do I indicate line feeds, so they aren;t all on one line?

If I understand your question, you need to switch to “Edit in visual HTML editor” under the Full Description.

You can then just type as you would in Microsoft Word and it will put the correct codes to put everything on its own line.

I hope that helps.


If I am doing a product with lists and tables I use Adobe Dreamweaver to do my description and then just copy the code over to the full description field of the cart.

Dreamweaver just makes it easier to see the code, but I am sure that you could use any html editor.

With the descriptions you can use almost any html to do the formatting. Than just edit the styles.base.css file or use the hooks feature to make you own and change the look of your description however you want it.


Thank you Adam. That worked perfect. So much to learn!

And Thanks Brandon. I will keep that in mind. Thanks again