It This Promotion Possible?

I have 1 product that I give a discount on if somebody also orders another product. However, I don't want to give this discount if they order this 1 product twice (or at least, not on both products - 1 would be OK).

Would anybody know how to set this up? I somehow feel there must be a way, but I can't find it :)


Product X = 10 Euro

If customers buys ANY other product, product X becomes 8 Euro

If customer buys 2 x Product X, this should cost 20 Euro (or 18 would also be OK).

I hope somebody can give me a tip. Thanks!

Would the "stop other actions" checkbox help? If not, you could add a hook to see if the promotion was previously applied if you want to be sure that each promotion is only applied once per order. If you want it to be picky, you'd have to add more code to the hook to better qualify if.

does this help