It broke when upgrading to 2.09, any solution ..?

Hello, I am an inexperienced user to update to 2.09 and my store was broken.

Cscart asked for support and was told that the problem is my hosting service, complain to my hosting service and technical support department tells me that the problem is in the php script.

I sent a screenshot to see the problem.

If anyone can help me I would appreciate very much.

Thank you.


error carro 1.JPG

Even the most experienced of CS-Cart users have had a horrible time upgrading to 2.0.9. I think most people, my self included, are sticking with 2.0.8 for now and just waiting for the next release.

I don’t know how far along you are on modifying your site, but I would either revert back to 2.0.8 or hopefully you have created a backup of your 2.0.8 store before doing the upgrade and you can revert back that way.