Issues with UPS real time shipping in the UK

Hi, I’m trying to setup real time tracking in the UK using UPS. I’ve got an account setup, access details connected but the option never shows on the checkout page. If I attempt the same address in the “test rate calculation” in Administration > Shipping & taxes > Shipping Methods > UPS shipping, it works.

The response I get in the logs is:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <RatingServiceSelectionResponse><Response><TransactionReference><CustomerContext>Rate Request</CustomerContext><XpciVersion>1.0</XpciVersion></TransactionReference><ResponseStatusCode>0</ResponseStatusCode><ResponseStatusDescription>Failure</ResponseStatusDescription><Error><ErrorSeverity>Hard</ErrorSeverity><ErrorCode>111217</ErrorCode><ErrorDescription>The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations.</ErrorDescription></Error></Response></RatingServiceSelectionResponse>

May not be relevant as yours looks like a location error, but when doing Australia Post my issue was the wieght I set didn’t match the parameters of the postage provider, I think my lower range was zero and .5kg as the minimum … and once I did it worked fine.

In case test is working, I may assume that this response can be related to some other request made to this shipping method.

It was the weight issue! I had also changed the weight to “kg” in the admin panel as opposed to “lbs”. The UPS services available in CS Cart are also different to what is on offer in the UK.

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I could never get UPS working real tme in the UK, I think it is geared for USA market

Agreed. It still doesn’t really work, the prices are wildly out. Maybe it’s something the @CS-Cart_team can look into?

Unfortunately there are no known issues with this shipping method. If you have some examples with the step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue, I can try it.