Issues with Block added to Product Page for Related Products

Hello all,

I have searched the forum and usually find answers to all my questions, but I have this issue and cannot find an answer anywhere! It’s driving me nuts!

I have the latest version of CS-Cart with all the updates.

Quick run down of my issue:

I created a new Block called Related Products in PRODUCT DETAILS PAGE TABS on my product pages… this was working fine.

I’m slowing adding more products to my site and noticed that now, if I go to a specific product on the live site, it’s showing related items for another product instead of the correct ones assigned to it.

I checked the product details in the admin side and everything looks right… I have the correct related items chosen and everything… tho when I check the customer side of the site, it’s showing something different.

Another thing I found, is if I change another products related products… it shows for all the other products now also… like a never ending cycle???

If anyone has any suggestions of what the problem is or what might be causing this I would greatly appreciate it! Last resort is just removing this function all together, which I would rather not…

Again Thanks for Anyone that can help,


I believe there is a bug on the bug tracker for this issue in 2.1.2. There might be a fix for it there also, until the next version.


Thanks… that worked!!

Perfect! Thank you