Issues when publishing CScart to internet server


I have installed CScart on my local computer. I have made changes to the cscart installation on my computer and i am now ready to publish this website on the internet.

I have used the instructions of installing CScart on a server (from the knowledge base).

The steps i followed are listed below;

  1. Install clean version of CScart to server.
  2. Backup config.local.php
  3. Created databse backup
  4. Copied my local computer installation into my internet server folder (overwriting all files uploaded during the clean installation at step 1.)
  5. Restored the config.local.php
  6. Restored the database.

    Accessed my uploaded website through my domain and i find that my logo has changed, but all other settings are as default from the clean installation. It is literally a clean website with my logo, none of my changes are present.

    The only thing tht i did that may be the cause. When i installed cscart on my local computer i opted to install the demo store data. Whereas in my server installation on the internet i chose not to install the demo store data. Im wondering if this is the problem.

    Can anyone suggest where i have gone wrong?



You should be able to simply FTP your local changes on top of your internet site and then adjust the settings in the admin panel (store name, appearances, shipping, etc) and then just use it. The config.local.php should be correct for where you installed your store. Do not FTP that file from your local server.

You can also copy over your DB but will then have to delete the demo products.