Issue With Variations - Bug?

If I had 6 variations - then decide later I need to add a 7th - if do this just selecting the new variation options, the previous are deleted.

This would be extremely annoying if I add a load of clothes or something, end up with 100's of variation combos, then need to add a new colour and start again. Hell of a lot of wasted time.

Or am I doing something wrong?

It looks like a bug. Please add this issue to the bug tracker or the following thread

Done :)

Hello. I’ve just replied to this question in the other topic. Basically, it’s not a bug, but a lack of functionality. Currently there is no easy way to add a single variation to the existing ones in the admin panel. Thank you for bringing this up, we’ve listed it as one of the things we’ll have to look into.

This should be a priority or the function is pretty much useless. We are always adding extra options when they become available to products. This will just cause so much more work.