Issue With Uploading New Theme, Its Not Showing Under 'available Themes'

I just found an issue, and Im not sure the cause!

But I am trying to install a new theme (viva3) and when I click add theme and browse for the zip. It is not uploading the file, it does the progress spinner, refreshes page but nothing changed, only my existing themes?

I am running PHP 7.3, 4.11.5 MV, and I disabled all plugins. There are no core changes that should affect this . Error log is showing this

Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset 4 in /site/cscart/app/controllers/backend/feedback.php

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this issue? thanks!

I searched around and saw some compilation errors caused by php version, so I tried php 7.2 but no change,

edit/ I think this is a permissions issue from the dev site I setup. I corrected them to 777 for required folders and files but no change yet but its not giving an error in the log now lol

You can unpack archive with the theme files to the following directory manually