Issue With \tygh\backend\database\mysql

Had Multi-Vendor working just fine, then went to bed. When I woke up I can't load anything - and the logs show this:

PHP Fatal error: Class '\Tygh\Backend\Database\Mysql' not found in …/public_html/app/Tygh/Database.php on line 65

When I look at the logs I see one of the last request was a update request:

a:3:{s:3:“url”;s:36:"My account -…;}

I looked in the folder Tygh\Backend\Database and there is no Mysql only a Mysqli file.

No idea what caused this or what I should do?

Any advice is appreciated.

I added this line:

#file: Tygh/Database.php
$db_class = '\\Tygh\\Backend\\Database\\Mysqli';

And it works, but jeez what a hack!?

What does your 'database_backend' state in your config.local.php file?