Issue with space being added to third category Path when product are exported


I posted the below a few weeks ago before purchasing the CS License

“I am testing cs-cart with quite a large database of products many of which are in 3 or more categories,

I have noticed an issue with import export of products

When I put a product in more than two categories imported or entered in the admin

I import with the below in the Secondary categories field

Mobility///Manual Wheelchairs///Manual Wheelchairs///Lightweight Wheelchairs;Mobility///Manual Wheelchairs///Manual Wheelchairs///Self Propelled Wheelchairs

But when I export the products again It puts a leading space before the second entry and third etc in this field

Mobility///Manual Wheelchairs///Manual Wheelchairs///Lightweight Wheelchair[color=#ff0000]s; M[/color]obility///Manual Wheelchairs///Manual Wheelchairs///Self Propelled Wheelchairs

This results in a whole new set of categories being created when the product database is re imported

Export and import were done as Tab delimited”

The response I go from nastya in CS was

Hello, Guest_Alan

We have not come across this issue. Such a problem should be looked into on your server directly.

We can advise you to use another CSV delimiter (e.g.comma). Also when importing a file you can put all the values of the field Secondary categories into double quotes.

I only got around to checking for this in my new upgrade to 4.0.3 and came across CS Carts Saas version

So I set one up

I went to admin and added a second and third category to one of the product. “100g Pants”

I then exported the product CSV and then imported it again

And sure enough it created a second electronics category

So not my server after all

I do not want to post this to support as they will only charge me support credits to fix it.

Has anyone else come across this issue. I have a store were many products are in six or more categories and thee will be 50000 products.

Manually deleting these spaces will be a nightmare.

Post the issue in the Bug Tracker. CS-Cart have never charged me anything for fixing bugs in the standard software.