Issue With Php 7.3


I am using recent version MV 493 with php 7.3.5 and facing issue in lib.Please help.


Hello ankita

This is problem with using PCRE2 in PHP 7.3. The new PCRE2 library is more aggressive in pattern validation.

If you want to correct it yourself, change it

class="[\w- ]


class="[\w\- ]

in file /app/functions/smarty_plugins/modifier.empty_tabs.php in line 30

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It's not smart to run PHP 7.3 since it's officially not supported!

It's not smart to run PHP 7.3 since it's officially not supported!

When looking at the code changes, it seems to be planned for 4.10, which is completely expected.

Besides that, PHP 7.4 is already on the horizon with more optimizations and way better performance. For those who are interested, it brings the following things to the table:

- Strict typing for classes;

- Preloading

- Improved type variance

- Short closures for better one-line functions

There only seem to be 2 things that are considered breaking changes here as well, which is good news:

- Short open tags are deprecated;

- The left associative ternary operator is now deprecated. This will require a lot of reworking in the core since it is used a lot.

And with all of that it will again be 30% to even 50% in most scenarios. So it's definitely something you should look out for!

Same here, just had to fix some warnings and install pecl-zip (not included anymore) . Using Smarty and good old libraries and no problems at all with production customers (on a critical day by day app use btw, but nothing extremely fancy)

We use PHP 7.4 now by default. PHP 8 still has some unresolved issues in CS-Cart.

And referencing string indexes using {} syntax. I.e. $string{3} gives the 4th character of $string. Mostly seen in the Snapshot class.