issue with listamania

That’s why I prefer the 1.3.5 SP2’s “Manage Ads” section. I was able to use it again by transfering the correct code from the main.tpl in SP2 to the main.tpl in SP3.

This is not enough.

If you like to enable PAYMENTS… in Home page, you much click Edit on the right side, then Manage listed elements.

On the top, Home page should be selected. Then in Site Lyout select listmania you created PAYMENTS… and add an Ad with payment ad, image created with Manage ads.

Don’t forget to enable “Enable for this page:” checkbox.

At first I couldnt understand either why ads dont work, they dont work alone!

Sorry for eastern europe english… good luck :slight_smile:

PS, I think one horizontal line is missing in top left below palm :slight_smile: also should hover in top right be sort of expanding like this. Tested on FF.

[quote name=‘0utcast’]btw this custom template doesn’t show a line in their demo either. i do see what your saying though. wonder how hard it would be to modify the template to have that line.

we bought the template from[/QUOTE]

caused by:



incorrect image size.