Issue With Free Cs Cart


I have setup a free version of CS Cart to allow a customer to use it for a week or two to try before he goes for the full version.

I am having problems with email, If I change profiles etc, emails are sent with the notification so I know it is working.

The issue is that when an order is placed or an order status is changed no emails are sent to the merchant or the customer.

The order Status notifications for both are ticked.

Is this one of the limitations of the Free CS Cart or a bug. Or am I missing something.


Dear Alan,

Thank you for your message.

My name is Denis, I am a CS-Cart sales manager. I will be glad to answer your questions.

The issue you are experiencing is neither a known bug nor a limitation. I suggest you should double-check whether the E-mail server of your hosting is configured properly (you may also track down the server issues via some server logs), and check the statuses of notifications themselves (each status has its own options regarding when and how the e-mail is sent).

I hope you will find this information useful.

Thank you.

As my namesake has pointed, this is definitely a server issue. My CS-Cart installation sends out e-mail notifications correctly. Check the E-mail section of your configuration, CS-Cart allows you to use PHP or SMTP - if one is not working, the other one almost certainly will (if configured correctly).

However, note that you must instruct the merchant to ALWAYS use the admin panel to check on the store's orders. He does not need to be logged on all the times, logging in one or two times a day is sufficient in the beginning. E-mail can be unreliable at times, so counting on it to be notified of new orders is not the way to go.