Issue with category promotions

New to the forum, sorry if this is a duplicate but I was not able to find anything related in already reported bugs.

Tested in 3.0.1 professional (trial version) and community version, also can be replicated directly on

I’ve tried to create a catalog promotion for all products from specific category. Followed the…ecific-category directions verbatim. The discount is not applied to product, no matter is a permanent promotion or within an availability period.

How to replicate (you may use

  • create a new catalog promotion
  • add new condition as “in category” and pick one existing category with products in it (say, “tablets”)
  • add a bonus (product discount, no matter percentage or fixed)
  • save and check storefront - prices for products in discounted category are not changed

    Additionally, you can test with existing demo promotion “DVD 5% off” for products in Movies (DVD) category, just update availability period to make it active within current period. Still no change in price for any products in Movies (DVD) category.

    Additional notes:
  • if criteria is switched from “in” to “not in” selected category, all products in storefront will be discounted, regardless the category they belong to. This is not expected behavior either.
  • the bug seems to occur for category condition only. If I replace this condition with “products in” and select some range of products, the correct discount is displayed for those products only. So it seems the bug is related to promotions having category conditions.

    Please advise if this is the proper place to report this bug, or if this is already reported/fixed elsewhere. Thank you.

Have found the bug already reported (and fixed) in bug tracker at [url=“”][/url]

Added here as a reference for others searching forum for similar bug. Thank you.