Issue With Calculating State Taxes

Has anyone encountered this issue before with their CS-Cart program:

Tax rates are not set for the states of KY, VA and MI in CS-Cart but when customers from those states made an order, they are being taxed for their orders nevertheless.

Also, when making an order, I changed the address (city, state, zip) from one place to another (e.g.. NY to CA), but the tax rate does not change even though those states have different rates entered for them in CS-Cart. Even hitting the recalculate button does not fix anything.

Why would this be happening? Also, I am not 100% sure it if this is a possible reason or not, but after I cleared the cache in var/cache and deleted my browser history, the tax rates appeared to have reset to the correct formula.

This issue requires examination on your server. Please contact us via Help Desk so we can examine the issue in more detail.