Issue setting up Google Analytics 4

I have recently updated our CS-Cart to 4.13 and now have access to GA4. When I to enter my Measurement ID in the addon and hit save, the account number is automatically switched back to a default example number. I have also tried using the stream ID from my analytics and that does not work either. Does anyone know why this is? Or how to fix it?


It sounds like there is an issue with saving. There is no default example that I am aware of. You should be able to clear it and it should save with it cleared.

I had some problems with this also. What I did was to uninstall the Google Analytics addon, then re-install it. After that, it worked fine.


Hi there!

Please try the method mentioned by @kingsleypress.

@kingsleypress This worked! Thank you so much.


Uninstalling and reinstalling worked for me too.

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I do not like GA4 at all. lol Guess I better get used to it.