Issue In Widget Mode Internal Server Error

We purchased a add-on and we are having some issues. The vendor is looking into it but I thought I would ask here in case someone might have some more ideas.

the add on works fine from the main store front but when in widget mode we are getting an internal server error. I have checked all log files and see nothing. Not sure what else to look at.


So this is the error we are getting:

[03-Oct-2014 14:54:46 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare function_name() (previously declared in dir_location/addonpage.php:118) in dir_location/addonpage.php on line 136

I swapped out the directory name and the name of the php file and the function name but pretty much all the forums say it is because the same php file is included more than once. Anyone know where to look to see if this is the case and why it might only be happening in widget mode?


Nevermind, the vendor figured it out. Not I just need to figure out why in widget mode my cart won't redirect to paypal and I should be good to go!