Isapi Re-Write on IIS

I’ve posted this elsewhere as I couldn’t post here at the time, but has anyone got isapi re-write working on IIS5 with CS-CART?

I would love some help with this?


Hi Struck

I’ve read that post but it’s for IIS7 which has in-built re-write. I have installed some software on the server but cant seem to get it to work.


Are you planning to run your live site on IIS or are you just setting up a local test environment on IIS ?

Hi Struck

Live site.

Hello Mark,

I hope you have a sense of humor, however, thank you for being a pioneer… And, please note that you are one sick puppy for doing so :smiley:

I have a great sense of humor but I didn’t get one bit of that!

Meaning CS-Cart was designed to be run on a Linux server & seo works outta the box with apache mod-rewrite. Just wondering why you would want to take the more difficult, less proven route of running CS-Cart on IIS ?:wink:

Ahhh, I get it.

My current cart runs on ASP, and I have a few friends / associates on that server aswell running ASP scripts etc.

I could (and have been considering) getting a new server, but it would mean having to dump a few friends / associates, who at the moment cover the cost of the windows server.

Hello Mark,

[QUOTE]Ahhh, I get it.[/QUOTE]

Bout Time! :wink:

[QUOTE]My current cart runs on ASP, and I have a few friends / associates on that server aswell running ASP scripts etc.[/QUOTE]

I understand as I also ran .asp & .aspx shopping carts for the last 8-10 years before making the switch to CS-Cart! Basically I was getting tired of being caught up on the Microsoft marketing train and decided to try the open source technology route (Linux, apache, php, Mysql).

I am just trying to save you some grief in the long run as you will find it far easier/simpler to just run CS-Cart on a Linux server as it was overall designed for. Plus, you won’t need to deal with Helicon Tech to fix the URL re-write deficiencies of what at least the pre IIS7 versions have.

Just came here to update and saw your post.

I’ve installed the helicon module

[url]Download ISAPI_Rewrite 3 - Apache .htaccess mod_rewrite compatible module for IIS

and then modified the .htaccess file to point to my cscart directory and now I can turn on the SEO module.

Note for anyone else, the .htaccess needs to be in root.

So we are getting somewhere.

Hi Mark,

Glad to hear you are making progress! :wink:

Others in the forum have setup & run CS-Cart on IIS, so it can certainly be done. I don’t know if anyone is actually running a prodution store on IIS though, would be interesting to hear what their experiences have been if anyone is actually doing so!