Is your Store Surviving?

Just wanted to see how things were going on the ecommerce end with today’s economy the way it is.

I’ve read reports and articles that most are turning to the web for selling and/or buying because it seems to be much cheaper.

I am just curious to see if web sales are in a slump or indeed increasing. I don’t want to know what you are making, but have you personally seen any changes within the past months to a year?

With sites that I help out with, the businesses are seasonal and hope to pick up shortly when the weather warms. Because of this, its difficult for me to tell what sales are doing right now.

Last year we’ve seen a steady decrease of sales in our consumer electronics industry. This year so far I’ve seen a slight increase but some of that may be due to some SEO optimizations I made late last year that are finally starting to payoff. I think people are going to the web to find a good deal but I think more in general just are not buying anything online or locally. With layoffs and job cuts being announced every day I think people are holding on to their money for now.

[quote name=‘rlobianco’]With layoffs and job cuts being announced every day I think people are holding on to their money for now.[/QUOTE]

Exactly what I was thinking.

My other thought is if people are turning to the web to sell more or taking their business/products online as its much cheaper that opening a physical store or shop.

At my day job, we’ve seen sales increase with the exception of October 08 due to expanded advertising - however we have definitely noticed from that point on that people are only spending after paydays - this had us worried at first but then around the middle and end of the month the orders come in.

That being said, we’ve adjusted our inventory ordering to be more precise. It has inspired us to trim the fat in terms of inefficient practices - overall the leaner meaner economy has been a good disciplining factor for us. Put the fight back into getting the sale and has made us really look at what we have that is worth selling or not.

Less credit makes people serious about their money - which makes me serious about what we offer - that is a net positive all around…

Ahhh to return to the days of heirloom standards rather than consumable standards for production…