Is upgrading from 1.3.5sp4 to 2.06 worth it yet?

Just tying to get the forums opinion on the debate of upgrading to 2.06. Possibly wait for 2.07? Is 2.06 free of bugs now? Why should I switch at this point. I’m not sure I’m ready to upgrade but might just need a nudge in the right direction or my hesitation might be well justified. What’s everybody think and for those of you who have already taken the plunge, would you of waited knowing what you now know? For those of you who haven’t, what are you waiting for?

When will the ability to add tabs be available. I know Sno mentioned CS was going to incorporate this into the 2.0+ version…any word?


I think version 2 betters v1.3.5 in pretty much every way. I have had no stability issues and there are many nice new features; however there are still bugs in 2.0.6 just as there are still issues in 1.3.5-sp4. You can already add tabs in 2.0.6 although the method is not very user-friendly.

All that said, I would wait for v2.0.7 which seems like it is imminent. It addresses a number of the bugs and includes some new features:

[url]Ecommerce Solutions and Software for all types of business - CS-Cart

If you currently use Live Help, you might want to stay with 1.3.5-sp4 until the revamped Live Help is available.


Anyone have an idea when 2.07 will be out?

Also does the database optimization mean that the cart will be faster?