Is this possible?


I am helping a customer to install CS-Cart 2.0.15, but he has couple of unique requirements, that his current awful Joomla cart does not meet and I am not really sure if CS-Cart does either… at least I do not see any apparent way to do that.

  1. Users with emails in .jp or .kr (for example) domains, should automatically get x% discount. Yes, i realize that he could manually put these people into a group and give discounts based on the group name/user name, however, he is looking to somehow automate this process at the time customer registers.

  2. When customer buys ProductA, it gets shipped by CarrierA, when customer buys ProductB, it gets shipped via CarrierB, but when customer buys both, ProductA and ProductB, it needs to be shipped via CarrierC.

    Is this possible? Or is there a way for me to write some kind of plugin that would do that?

    Thank you.


Hello, so far i know and with my experiences you can code all solutions for cs-cart, if you have the knowledge for it!

  1. Well the only way to give discounts is via promotions and there isn’t any way to assign a promotion based on email address. The closest you can come is to use country, state, or zip code to narrow down who gets a discount.

  2. You can do the first two scenarios using the Suppliers addon, but have not tried, nor do I think your last option is doable.

    That being said, as Triplex stated, CSC is very customizable. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, there’s lots of people who can help. Post a message in the Third-Party Services if you need the assistance.