Is this possible with Sidebox ?

I seen this sidebox on other website, however they are not using csc, but asking if this is possible than how to make. like different sidebox with text links.


First, create whatever Pages you want using the Pages feature under Content. Then, go to Blocks under the Design tab

  1. Add a Block

    Name: Whatever you want (e.g., Customer Care)

    Block content: Pages

    Filling: Manually

    Position: Left or Right, depending where you want it

    Appearance type: Text links

    Wrapper: blocks/wrappers/sidebox_general.tpl
  2. Click the “Create” button
  3. Find your block and click the “Add pages” link
  4. Check the items you want to appear in that block
  5. Click “add pages” button
  6. Drag your block to where you want it to appear in the column.
  7. Click the “save” button.


I want to make a custom sidebox with link on “Pages”. I have check on “all pages” it is working fine but on “Pages” it shows something different which i can’t do it. :frowning:


You will need to explain this more clearly.

First, on what pages do you want this sidebox to appear (all pages, home page, checkout, pages, etc)?

Secondly, have you created the pages you want to display links for? You do this at the “Pages” link under the Content tab.


Sorry mate there was a english problem :frowning:

Now, i want to display some sidebox only on “pages” not others like all pages etc

Yes i have created a page .

Okay - you are most the way there.

  1. Go to the “Pages” link in the Content tab;
  2. Select the page where you want your new menu to appear;
  3. Select the Blocks link (nest to General);
  4. Select the link with the name of the sidebox (in your example, Payments)
  5. Click the “add pages” link
  6. Check the page link you want to appear on this page then click the “Add pages then close button”
  7. Make sure “Enable for this page” is checked
  8. Click the “Save” button

    Repeat as necessary for other pages and blocks you create.


Bull**** i am so stupid, i forget to disable the block on homepage that what i am getting a block on homepage :mad:

Thanks mate now it is working fine :mrgreen: