Is This A Blog Bug?

Is the "Our Blog" (default item on quick menu) supposed to be contextual to vendor? At the moment it only ever shows the market-place blog. If it is behaving as intended then how does a vendor display their blog? Does each vendor have to create their own link to their root blog and put it somewhere (where?)

What I did ...

  • I added a root blog as marketplace admin with vendor = none
  • I added a root blog signed in as testvendor with vendor = testvendor
  • I linked the "Our Blog" (default item on quick menu) to the page number of marektplace root blog.

Outcome ...

- The "Our Blog" menu item takes me to root blog for marketplace, regardless of if I am at the vendor store.

- I can't move the testvendor root blog as a subpage of marketplace (without taking away vendor ownership)

I also confirmed that the behaviour is the same in the 14.4.1 dev

The blog is very basic and cs-cart hasn't touched it in a long time, what your are describing is what someone in cs-cart thought was good enough not a bug. What they should really do is make it easy to integrate wordpress blog in cs-cart.

Thanks for your response. I think you are confirming you have experienced the same behaviour.

From what I can see it has never been raised as a bug, so maybe it isn't what "... cs-cart thought was good enough." but is a bug they have never had the opportunity to review, so I have brought it to their attention as a bug with more detail