Is There Somewhere A Listing Of Your Apis?

I'm selling via Cscart and directly on several marketplaces.
I need to sync my products from my catalog (currently Excel) to my sales channels (two sites under CsCart and three Markeplaces) but also to collect orders to process them, either manually for export (by importing an order file; I'm in France), or automatically with price comparators / label editors (example: Boxtal)
Can it be an idea to use the CsCart store as a catalog base, in the midst of sending / receiving data to transport partners and sales by market places?
For example, two MPs are using Mirakl.
What for APIs could I use, or add-on, except Datafeed (i'm knowing)?

It sounds like you would like some custom programming to create a portal that would allow you to read/update cs-cart and send info via other 3rd party apis. It would take knowing the api's of all your other 3rd party providers/vendors. And yes, you could use cs-cart as the "hub" for all that activity.



Question is: how knowing these APIs, considering these systemes are foreigners, regardless which side we look at it.

Most API's are documented. You'll need to reach out to the vendor of each. Assuming you've already reviewed cs-cart's api ( For others, you'll have to investigate. But whatever developer you choose will need that collection of info to give you a reasonable quote on building a portal for you.

Hello, I apologize, I've never seen your answer; too much people does'tn answer on this forum. In your case, what do you need for evaluation ? I'm not specialist. Thx