Is There Any Stripe Add On With All The Necessary Tools Available

I am looking for a Stripe add on that comes with 3D secure integrated. The Add on that comes with CS Cart Multivendor is just a script to capture payments, that's it and that a big problem with Stripe because Stripe demands to use the new checkout process to fight fraud.

Example, the Add on that we actually use on CS Cart for Stripe doesn't provide to Stripe any information from the client, the add on doesn't share with Stripe billing address, email, phone number, anything to verify the payment. This could lead to a lot of fraud on our stores. When I client make a payment using the Stripe add on you can go to Stripe inside the payment, and you will see that the only information Stripe has is the Client Name, that's it. They cannot verify the billing address of the client, they cannot verify the email, phone number, that's freaking crazy.