Is There An Auction Add-On Where Vendors Can Manage Their Own Auctions?

Hello all,

I recently started using Auction from Cart-Power, but unfortunately Vendors are not able to manage their own auctions. Vendors can declare that a product is an auction, but they can't start or configure the auction themselves. Only main admins (not vendor admins) can configure the auctions.

I'm looking to have vendor's on my marketplace who set up hundreds of auctions each week and I don't want to have to manually configure all the auctions for all the vendors.

Is there an auction add-on out there where this is already possible?

I am trying to think of some workarounds (none of which are very good)

Is it possible to create an admin account for these vendors, but where they can only access the products for their store?

Can you upload an csv that includes fields for an add-on?

It may come down to them having to email me all auction information for me to add to their products.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi ,

You can check Webkul Auction & you request for vendor support . For help please write at

If anyone is wondering - after further research it looks like no one has made an add-on where vendors can manage their own auctions at this time. Cart-tuning said they have plans of including this feature in future releases.

This sounds like it would be a useful feature! Let me know if you find a good solution for this!

I see two auction modules on the marketplace

Try to contact their developers and ask them to rework the module according to your needs. Hope they will not charge you too much

v.3 of Webkul states that Auction works with vendors, but there is no way to test it in the vendor demo panel. Another issue with Webkul is that they want you first to buy the add-on before they set it for updating to the current version of CS-Cart. Not kul...

I asked Webkul specific things regarding their auction addon - common and quite useful tools most (if not all) auctions have. Rendering their addon nearly pointless... (at least for me).
However, they offered to do custom work at 5x the cost of the addon itself and told me it was a "fair" price. Personally, I think it lacks A LOT of features and settings.
This coming from a company that after I bought a different addon and I requested help to correct their poorly written English - they refused but told me they would do it for a fee. Yeah... no. So I could only imagine how bad the auction addon English would be.