Is There A Way To Stop International Paypal Orders?

Hi everyone,

we currently accept credit card and paypal for international customers but we want to stop international customers being able to use paypal.

Customers tend to choose the cheapest methods for shipping and almost never take insurance.

Normally we don't have issues, and things arrive just fine, but every now and then a parcel will be lost and with no insurance there's bugger all we can do, but then the customer goes and lodges an item not received, so we get screwed over, all because they were too cheap to take insurance out.

Its a bit unfair and we are tired of losing out on this crap, so we want to be able to either limit the payment size for all international orders with paypal, or just stop international customers from being able to order with paypal at all.

Is there any way to do this with the cart? Or will we need to have a mod of some kind created to fix this?

Thanks for any help!

We are using, seems to work great.

Thats awesome!

Thanks Triplets, I'll look into this and hopefully it will solve the problems we've been having!