Is there a way to remove cc info but still see what type of card is used?

Is there a way to remove the cc info but still see the card name (Visa, Amex etc)? I could do this in v3. Not sure if it was a PCI issue but it was helpful to know what credit card was used but not save the card number.

I thought only card number, expiry and cvv were X'd out.

With 4.0.2, it just says Credit Card where it used to say Visa, Mastercard etc. The CC number excluding the last 4, expiry and ccv are X'd out.

Then you'll have to adjust the function fn_cleanup_payment_info() in app/core/fn.cart.php.

They should have provided a hook in this function that passes the original payment_info along with the zapped info so a site can determine which data they want to zap and to what degree.

However, I don't see where 'card' (which usually contains codes like 'vis', 'amx', etc.) is affected in this function.

Thanks for letting me know. Not sure it is worth modifying core code but I'll have a look around.