Is There A Way To Extend Mainbox Object Row Dropdown Actions?

Hi. We are exploring the feasibility of making a certain admin addon that would require an action in the "hidden-tools" dropdown found in mainbox object rows. The route for the admin page in question is dispatch=product_options.manage. It's the dropdown that looks like this:


I see there is a smarty {capture} in /design/backend/templates/common/object_group.tpl that sets it up, but i don't see any hooks or anything before that captured data is injected and applied via {dropdown content=$smarty.capture.items_tools class="dropleft"}

I am not that familiar with CS-Cart yet. Is there any way to mitigate those dropdowns to add a new action there (for example, "copy")? I was thinking hooks, like in the top bar actions, but there is no hook there. I really don't want to edit more theme files directly, there is already too much of that going on currently due to lack of hooks in places like this.

Any suggestions/help is appreciated, thanks!


You can override the design/backend/templates/views/product_options/manage.tpl file and pass $tool_items variable which will contain list of all actions. Example can be found here: