Is There A Way To Define Product Weight Per Gram?

Many of my product weigh less than 0.01kg. Yet this is the minimum that CS-Cart seems to support out of the box. Is there a way to change this to 0.001kg? i.e. 1 gram.

If a customer orders 10 units of a gram, then this can be shipped in an envelop for a very cheap shipping cost.

But with the minimum of 10 grams per product, the shipping costs go up with 400%.

If the customer orders 100 units it gets crazier.

As far as I understand, the weight is measured in kg in your store. You can always change it to grams, set the “Grams in the unit of weight defined by the weight symbol” setting to 1, export products, open the file in excel, multiply the weight by 1000 and import all products back.