Is there a timing adjustment for the slider on home page ?

Full question is in the topic line.

yes, go to design > blocks > homepage



Thank you Vali.

Sometimes I think my eyes must be painted on.

One question leads to another.

I couldn't see anything obvious to me in the templates.

Is there a size adjustment for the banner box ??

width = 100% of grid

heigh = biggest height found on banners

Thanks again Vali.

Searched the code on all the files associated but

no luck.

Might I ask where 'width=100% of grid' is hiding ?

:))) in admin > design > blocks

you have container_16 or container_12 and inside are grid_X,

here you can see the dimensions for container_12

grid_1 = 60px

grid_2 = 140px

here you can see the dimensions for container_16

grid_1 = 40px

grid_2 = 100px

Thank you for your efforts Vali but you may well be looking at a different version to mine.

The manual is obviously written for people already conversant with CS-Cart's evolutionary

steps. The slider is too big for the average screen and will obscure featured items ( for me ).

Currently this appears to be my only stumbling block preventing purchase.

The rest is fine out of the box.

@termalert PM the url to look over and find a solution

Thanks for the offer Vali but I have just purchased.

I am in Ashop just now and it's unbelievably feature poor

plus too much lag from the US server.

Setting up on Micron21 as it provided a burst of speed

when I moved my old Version 2 CS-Cart.

Version 3 here I come.

good look