Is there a MAMUT integration addon?

My companies run MAMUT Enterprise E5 for CRM, ERP, Accounting, stock, etc. Its good and cheap software with a good API.

I would like to integrate my CS-Cart 3 Ultimate websites with MAMUT:[list=1]

[]my wholesale customers can order directly from CS-Cart and orders become visible within MAMUT.

]Inventory levels affect online availability

[*]integration between products, prices, customers, orders in MAMUT and in CS-Cart.


I wonder if a CSCART - MAMUT integration is already available?

Perhaps you can contact the user who created this thread requesting Mamut integration as they may have found a solution.

So did anyone do it? surely just needs MYOB export modification…?

Someone should really consider making an accounting addon that works for european customers. The only accounting software syncing with CS-Cart seems to be developed for the US market. I think an addon for either Mamut and/or e-conomic would be very profitable for any addon-developer out there.

I would consider shipping in.

I am amazed that CS-Cart has so few solutions aimed at European customers. A MAMUT synch would be very helpful.

It would be nice to synch stock levels somehow. I have no clue how to keep track of stock for thousands of products in CS-Cart when my warehouse is constantly shipping out and gaining replenishments through wholesale and retail multichannels.


We are happy to integrate the MAMUT Enterprise E5 API to your CS-Cart Store. We have more than 5+ years of experience in thirty part API integration with CS-Cart platform. Please contact Us at and following link

As usual, you can request a quote via our signature. Please provide your full requirements and we'll be happy to give you a quote.

I'm looking to move from Mamut to Xero online accounting, however their just released inventory system is very basic. There are inventory/order management addon systems (which are more expensive than xero itself) I've been trialling but not 100% sure of any of them yet, and how the two of them could tie in with CS cart… Dear Systems is one of them that does have drop shipping functionality. I'm tempted to try and make my own. Xero is great as it does semi auto bank reconciliation etc.

I am also moving away from MAMUT in time. Probably end of year. I checked out Xero but it cant fulfil our needs by a long shot. I too found it way too basic in many ways. I'm considering Sage ERP X3 which seems to have it all.

Meanwhile I will indeed need a way to keep stock updated to avoid customers buying out of stock product or missing sales on replenished products. I see RedAnt has a tool called M-Port which hooks into MAMUT and exports data:

RedAnt M-Port | RedAnt

RedAnt states that they charge €750 per work-flow. i.e. If you need a data set to go from MAMUT to CSC then that's 1 work-flow. If you also need data to go back into MAMUT then that's another work-flow and costs another €750. I just need one direction. Which is already pretty costly with RedAnt. I am sure that there are developers who can do this for a reasonable price.

What I need is a script to check the correct MAMUT database (a database is basically a company in MAMUT) for the stock levels of products and options that are in CSC. One CSC category has discontinued products which do not need to be checked.

The product or option SKU in CSC corresponds with SKU in MAMUT. Then adjust the stock levels of CSC accordingly.

This process needs to run once a day.

Sounds pretty straight-forward. If you can give us a spec from MAMUT, happy to provide a quote. Please use the link in my signature.

NettXpress will have an addon for e-conomic ready in about two weeks.