Is there a key to understand the product fields?

Im trying to understand these product fields and what the different letters mean for each individual field. My products get imported fine but it doesnt show the price? Says “contact us for pricing”

What is Zero Price Action, Inventory tracking, etc? For example my Zero Price action is set at “R” What does that mean?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Ok now I got the item to show that its in stock and the add to cart button but now it shows no price. I exported the items to see if I could find a error somewhere and it shows Zero for the list price and price. I definitely imported all of the items with pricing???

Try setting up one product manually (not by importing it) with all the fields correctly completed. Then export that product, which will enable you to check if you have all the headings in your .csv file correct.

You must always have the product code column in your import file but you don’t need to repeat any of the others.

Also make sure your final column has information in every cell, otherwise your import will not work correctly.

Let us know how you go.

Ok now I figured out the pricing issue but cant get my images uploaded. I have almost 2000 images I need to upload. Is there a simple way of doing this or do I have to manually enter the field path for each individual item?

Upload your images to your backup directory, i.e.

In the detailed image column of your .csv file, make sure the path is correct. For example, if your image name is pic.jpg, the path in your .csv file should be:

You can get an idea of the correct path in the back end of your store on the import page. As far as I can see, the important thing is that you upload all your images in the backup folder in your images folder.

If you want to name the image, you put in the detailed image column of your .csv file the following: name.

Once you have uploaded your images, they should all be in your images/detailed_images folder and you can safely delete the images in your images/backup folder.

I hope this helps. This is how I have imported around 40,000 images but I use version 1.3.5. Looking at the demo, version 2 seems fairly similar.

Leave the thumbnail column blank and CS-Cart will automatically generate your thumbnails. The size of your thumbnails can be changed in the appearance settings - make sure you do this before uploading your images.