Is Shopping Cart Adding Correctly?

Hello guys,

I would like to ask if this is the correct way that CS-Carts displays discounts in Product Description page and Cart.

As you can see, Product price is regularly $119.00, but with 10% discount, the price is now $107.10.

But, when I add the product to the shopping cart, on top, it reads

Total Price $107.00 <--- this already shows price with discount.

Subtotal $107.00
Including discount -$11.00
Total cost $107.10

The sum on top is not correctly displayed.

Should the cart NOT be displaying prices (in cart) as follow?

Unit price $119 (which is the original price of the product)

Subtotal $119.00
discount $ -11.90 <--- then the discount is subtracted
Total cost $107.10 <---- and provides correct cost/price.

sum on top is correctly displayed.

Any help with this? Thank you!

shopping cart.jpg

product desc pg.jpg