Is Muti-Storefront Possible With Multi-Vendor?

I have a situation where:

* I need to allow a small subset of products to be purchasable via guest checkout.

* Any product that is not purchasable for guest checkout can not have their price displayed for guests.

* I need to show all products to guests.

There is no way to do all of this as far as I can tell with multivendor. I've tried writing a plug in and custom template to do this but its turning into a much bigger project than the situation warrants.

The only other solution I can think of is to have a second store front with the appropriate settings. However if I have a completely seperate storefront then I end up with two sets of products to maintain and two customer lists.

Are there any solutions for having a second storefront, with its own custom settings but with products from the primary store?

If not any suggestions on how to solve this?

You can buy the Ultimate edition and you will have the ability to make a multi-storefront shop with one admin panel. But it will be expensive for you, as I understand.

Can you give more details of the feature you need? It's hard to help you or to estimate the custom modification having a lack of information. All guest see all products, but they can't buy some of them because guests don't see the prices for these products. What should they do to buy these items? Who see all prices on your store? Who can purchase all items?