Is Multi-Vendor The Right Package?

We want to create an online store for smaller beer makers.[list=1]

[]Each beer maker (vendor) would have their own store on the site, which can be custom designed up to a point (usually by us)

]A store has attributes (like region)

[]The store owners can upload their own products

]A product has a few attributes (like “type” etc)

[]Customers can browse:


]Each maker’s own store

[]All stores filtered by an attribute (Nice to have: with sub-filter by product attribute - ie, show all stores in region X that have product type Y)

]All products of a certain type (cross-vendor)

[/list] []Customers can register for updates and new products by vendor, region (vendor attribute) and type (product attribute). Or we can send a newsletter to all customers for big events.

]Shipping is managed by the vendor - we deliver the orders to them.

[]We as store providers collect a fee on payments through the store + a small base payment each month

]Nice to have: It would be good to be able to have bundle-able products and single products deduct from the same inventory pool. Ie, if I have 50 bottles of X and someone buys a “discount 24 pack” then available stock adjusts to 26.


I’m poking around and even installed a copy locally, it looks like this is the right package for us but I’m not sure. Is there a walkthrough available?



Dear NickG,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

My name is Maria, I am a sales manager. I will be glad to answer your questions.

As far as I can see from your description, Multi-Vendor should suit your business needs as it already lets vendors upload their own products and manage shipping, an unlimited number of options and features can be assigned to products, filters will be based on those features, the “News and e-mails” add-on allows to send newsletters to customers and create campaigns for subcsribers.

The things that might need some custom developement services are independent stores for each vendor within the common storefront and monthly fees from vendors. By default each vendor will have their own profile pages within the storefront and you will be able to assign sales commissions to each vendor.

Please, feel free to email us at so we could discuss your project in more detail and set up a walkthrough via Skype if needed.

Thank you.

Thanks, a demo would be great. I will email.