Is it worth upgrading from 2.1.3

My Cs-cart is on 2.1.3 currently and I am planning to upgrade it to the latest Ver 2.2.3. What are the major issues, if any, in the latest version? What should be the most stable version upwards of 2.1.3. I need to upgrade as I need the mini cart back on my checkout page.

I have been very happy with 2.2.4 (current version). However, like most things, what you see may be more a function of the products you sell, how they are configured and how your site is configured than anything else. So I guess YMMV but I think 2.2.4 is the most stable version primarily since they didn't add hardly any new functionality from 2.2.3 so it was a bug-fix/stabilization release (which I'd like to encourage them to do more of along the way).