Is It Time to Go Mobile?

Hello All,

Is it time to go Mobile?

Mobile Vs. Desktop in…

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Lee Li Pop

Hello All,

1 - Smart phone sales are projected to out perform global pc sales within 3 years

2 - Mobile web adoption is growing 8X faster than the equivalent point 10 yrs ago for the desktop

3 - Half of new internet connections are from mobile devices

Source: [url]!/[/url]

Lee Li Pop

Marketing hype.

yes, there are a lot more internet connections in mobile. Ask your friend a question they don’t know the answer to and they immediately google it from their phone. But do I want to search for and find an exhaust pipe bracket for my 2001 Honda Civic from a phone? Try it and see what the user experience is like. You’ll simply wait till you get access to something useful to do your shopping with.

however, I do not believe that translates to shopping on the internet. Other than ring-tones, music and phone acessories (or in some cases video products), there is very little purchased from a phone that is sold by most browser-based web merchants.

The phone and tablet have a definate place in the market, but not for what most of us sell here.

Be curious what people have bought from their phones and done the appropriate research before a purchase like they would do from a laptop or desktop.

Remember, the real estate available for viewing is still 1980’s resolution (usually 640x480 max with most devices less than that. Tablets are better but don’t see them becomming serious devices anytime soon. What kind of shopping can you do on 640x480? You couldn’t even view most sites images other than their thumbnails without having to scroll,

I love it when new technology appears and the marketers always tell us it’s the next best thing since sliced bread. Rarely does that turn out to be true and many people spend many $$ trying to ride the wave that never materializes.

Just my two cents…

Hello Tbirnseth,

I love your viewpoints, incisive and full of insight.

However, your dissertation reminds me the speeches of those who have missed important milestones in business life these last thirty years. For example, computerization of small businesses and 90% of households. The supremacy of the PC, DVD and USB port. The arrival of the Internet. The explosive growth of e-commerce, etc…

That’s why I keep a watchful eye on the mobile market.

I hope to share my insight into the fact that e-commerce on mobile is not currently a mass market, to be sure, please read my first post of this thread with poor share market of the Internet on mobile, for cons, I must keep a watchful eye on this trend.

I am not an “Early Mover” but I would be among the first to offer an e-commerce site for mobile in my field.

It would be damaging to miss the departure of the train of such a mass trend.

Keep confidence in the rapid growth of technology, the drawbacks of today will be only some bad memories tomorrow.

Lee Li Pop

Lee Li Pop,

Can you please tell me what the difference is between a current cs-cart skin and one that would be mobile friendly? What changes have to be made to a current skin to make a mobile friendly skin?

I have many products that require customer input into many text fields and dropdowns. Would a mobile skin make this better?

I do see from site tracking that there is an increasing amount of traffic from mobile applications. I don’t have any mobile devices myself so I can tell what they see that is different from using a computer.

Thank you for your post.


Hello Bob,

Easy reply :

Magento (in my humble opinion) is a nice example of mobile e-commerce website.

Here is what should be a m-commerce website in 2010:

[url]- YouTube

In the same way, you have this skin for Prestashop:


Demo is there:


Please Bob, note that Prestashop skin is based on Smarty, like CS-Cart.

So, apparently (need to verified), this is only a CSS skin, without any PHP tricks. Only a simple CSS skin with “display and hidden” parts on the page. It should be “easy” to create one mobile skin for a CSS expert.

1Line should work on it, however, he doesn’t give us any news of his project:


Lee Li Pop

I have made purchases from my Droid. The stores are usually the one deal sites so it’s pretty simple to just click and check out. I’ve also used amazon to reorder a ‘subscribe & save’ item or buy Kindle books that I read on my phone (both are one-click checkout). If stores make it easier for customers to purchase from their phones, they will do it. I have my phone with me most of the time. It’s irritating when I find something I want to buy but it’s too complicated (i.e. too much stuff on the screen, not loading fast enough so I can’t click on anything accurately) and I have to switch to my computer. Ease of checkout is big - Amazon scores a lot of points in that area. I do think it depends on what you are selling, but more and more people are going to be purchasing from their phones if we make it easy for them.

I was thinking about this tonight because I was waiting in the car tonight and trying to shop on my phone. I have an amazon app that eliminates all the ‘junk’ and gives you just the info you need… or they think you need. That’s where I run into problems. I usually end up switching to the full version of the site because I want to see all the other information. But then it’s too slow. There needs to be a happy medium. Maybe as the phone/tablet technology continues to improve, having a mobile version of a site will become less of an issue.