Is It Safe To Disable My Vps Host's Firewall So I Can Ebmed Youtube


I tried to embed youtube to my product description (I'm using CKEditor)

I already tried to use 2 method

1.) Input by iframe icon in CKEditor

2.) input by source code

after I press save, both method show message



You don't have permission to access this resource.


I tried to sanitize code by adding code to config.local.php

'sanitize_user_html' => false,

but not work.

So I contact my host provider about this issue, and their answer is

the iframe code has been block by their firewall,

and they told me that I can disable this firewall but my site will vulnerable from attack

such as "Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Attack"


1.) To be able to embed youtube to my product description, should I disable my host firewall, is it safe?

2.) I search in and found that general way of adding youtube to product description

is by Input by iframe or add source code, are these method safe from attack?



I tried to search third party add-on for safe way of adding youtube to product

I found some of it


but this is not my customer in my country want (it's display in separate tap)

my customer want to embed youtube to be inside product description.

any advice will be appreciate

Best regards