Is it possible to upgrade from 2.0.6 to 2.2.4


I just bought the website which using cs cart but with little outdate version 2.0.6. I already have the license for cs cart pro 2.2.4.

After read through the forum I understand that I need a clean install of 2.0.6, import my current database and then upgrade via upgrade center on the admin.

The cs cart support team is kindly enough to give me the clean package of 2.0.6, but I forgot to ask them if I can upgrade through the upgrade center to 2.2.4.

Can anyone please confirm if it is possible to upgrade cs cart from 2.0.6 to 2.2.4? Thank you.

Yes, but that will be 14 upgrades to maintain your data and you will have to re-do any skin modifications that were done when your through.

You should compare your current site with the distributed 2.0.6 archive to identify what changes have been made to your store.

To end up with the same look/feel, will be a very laborious process.

Hi tbirnseth,

Thank you. I already installed 2.2.4 on local host and modified the skin. I try to export and then import the data but I seem to lost something so, I hope that using the upgrade center can help.

Save a copy of the files you modified in 2.2.4.

Go through the 12 or so upgrade processes not worrying about conflcits.

Then, when you get to the end, overwrite the 2.2.4 files with those you saved.

Your DB will now be at 2.2.4 and your modifications will be applied to the skins.