Is it possible to modify multivendor to use as Classifieds site?


Cs-cart multivendor is an amazing product. I have had a good look at the demos and it seems great. Well done!

I would like to know whether it is possible to modify the multivendor (or upcoming multistore) version so that it can be used as a classifieds site.

I would like to have a site with multiple stores (able to immediately sell their products) and also a casual user group that can list their items (and be contacted by email to negotiate a sale with a prospective buyer). The Geodesic Solutions Classified software has this kind of functionality but appears to be a very out of date solution compared to cs-cart.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who knows whether this is possible. Many thanks.


If this would require custom development I'd be happy to hear from any developers who might be able to comment on this or provide an idea of how difficult this kind of modification would be. Thanks, Joe

If anyone is available, would it be as simple as adding a contact form (to get in touch with the seller) and removing the “buy now” button for classified sellers (as opposed to trusted shops)???

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.