Is it possible to mass produce promotion/coupon codes?


I am running a marketing campaign and will need about 5,000 unique promotion codes setup. I would like the prefix on each to be the same followed by a random string of numbers and/or letter.

Creating the codes in externally is no problem if I need to but I was wondering how I can get a mass number setup in CS Cart easily. They will all be the same discount but I need each to be a one-time-use, unique code.

Any ideas on how to best accomplish this?


Any thoughts on this? Certainly there has been situations before where people have had to setup bulk coupon codes.

Just one last bump before I go hacking the database to do it manually.

Are you assingning these codes to specific customers? Why so many unique codes that all have the same discount? You are aware that the “use once” in cs-cart means to use once per customer aren’t you?