Is It Possible To Make My Cs-Cart Site 100% Https? My Ssl Certificate Is All Set Up And Running Good.


Hi there. SSL certificate all set up and working swell. If I visit my site using only then https (SSL) kicks in as soon as I visit my cart through to checkout and continuing on the site thereafter as it should via the security settings activated in my admin panel.

If I visit the site is full time showing https.

I have tried a redirect on my server but it gets caught in the redirect loop page.

Am I attempting the impossible to make my site full time https? I'd like my customer service team etc to be able to give out and when clicked/visited, visitors always land on https SSL enabled).

The only reason this important to me is because my online competitors show https and the padlock in their url full-time whether I visit their site via http or https. Kinda makes mine not look so secure to new clients and I fear we may lose the chance of orders.

Would be great if someone could help, I've searched around and can't seem to find anything useful. Or maybe I need to hire a cs-cart pro to handle it for me.



Please check this thread (changes in the .htaccess file)

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Please check this thread (changes in the .htaccess file)



Thank you - I will have a look - really appreciated.

hmmm, now I'm in a quandary! I did not realise https uses about 2x the bandwidth of non-https! Now I'm thinking a message on our website highlighting we're trim in everything we do, right down to your bandwidth for the times your ordering when mobile and using 3G, 4G and publicly throttled wifi. I'm waffling, just thinking out load with my fingers here LOL! Cheers again.

The whole web is going that way sooner rather than later. Which is a real bummer, as far as page load times. Google and Apple are leading the way in this and everyone will eventually have to follow, like it or not.