Is it possible to limit the total sales amount for a credit card purchase

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I'm working, but am still pissed that I basically have to re-do everything in order to stay in business (addon business) with no additional value being provided to my customers to support V4 cs-cart. They will all have to re-purchase addons for V4 when (if) I decide to go forward. Consulting is keeping me busy with custom projects, but not sure I want to invest the time needed to maintain the addon business (which is what I think cs-cart really wants anyway).

[quote name=‘tbirnseth’ timestamp=‘1374008062’ post=‘165434’](which is what I think cs-cart really wants anyway).[/quote]

It’s called “Job security”. $500-$1000 is a “drop in the bucket” for a basic add on right? :idea: I never have used their custom development and certainly never will given their rates.

An addon is quite a different development model (producing products) than doing custom development. I do many custom development projects in that price range and some for much more. However, a “product” relies on volume to pay for the development costs. When I sell something for $50, I usually have at least $1000 invested in my time (usually much more). Hence I rely upon volume to recover my investment and to maybe even make a profit.

With V2 and V3, the changes were somewhat minor for PRO. To do V3-ultimate required more work, but was somewhat reasonably doable with the source base that existed (but they don't offer very good support for addons that are outside their distribution - I.e. to enable addons in selected stores only)…

However,with V4, I might as well throw everything away and start from scratch. I'm forced to use their coding standards and to use namespaces which I find almost completely useless. These guys are behaving like they're the next SAP. This is a frigging shopping cart that tries to be an order manager but fails miserably at most things outside the direct shopping cart space. I.e. it's a sales tool, not a business management system… Okay, I'm off my soapbox now.