Is It Possible To Have Subtotals Generated For Order?

I have looked everywhere on a forum for any similar request or scenario, I haven't find anything - so I am asking CS-Cart community for help.

Is it possible to have subtotals for 2 diferent type of products generated in invoice / purchase order, before the overall total?

My clients wants to use CS-cart for selling customized computer setups as ongoing service for monthly fee. Some of these “products” will have additional one-off setup fee requried, while other “products” will not.

I have created these "One-off set up fees"as separate products, and included them as REQUIRED products for those “mothly fee” type of products where applicable.

This works fine in terms of calculating the cost overall, and these required one-off fees are automatically added to cart. The only problem is - everything is added up as a total in purchase order after checkout.

My client wants to show separate costs / subtotals for:

  • everything that has monthly fee as a price (this will be ongoing, incuring charge to customer)
  • one time set up fees total (this will not be part of costs to customers after)

    Basically, there are 2 different types of products, type A and type B (like apples and oranges). Although both are being ordered in a process, my client wants invoice to show separate subtotals for each product type before overall total.

    This is because he wants customers to have exact amount (figure in dollars) for the total of ongoing monthly fees, withouh customers having to deduct one off setup fees from the total.

    Is this possible? Has anything like this been requested or asked for, ever? Are there any developers willing to have a go at this customization? They would be paid, of course.

    Please let me know,

    Thanks in advance


we will be glad to develop this feature for you so please don't hesitate to contact us

best regards,

WSA team

[quote name='Damir (WSA-team)' timestamp='1432833894' post='216222']


we will be glad to develop this feature for you so please don't hesitate to contact us

best regards,

WSA team



I have contacted you via your support portal. Looking forward to hear from you.



we already provided feedback.

look forward to hearing from you.

best regards,

WSA team

Perhaps I did not explain very clearly first time around, I will try again in more simple manner.

[color=#b22222][size=5]The Store Structure[/size][/color]

  • my client is offering custom build secure servers, secure private cloud, database backups, mobile data security and backups, etc. as a service - not a simple purchase.

  • all the items in a store (products) are priced as a monthly fee, so customers in fact are generating the list of services they will require from my client by adding them to the cart.

  • there is no payment processing at the end, cutomers are generating a “purchase order” by going through checkout, and upon approval by my client they will enter the contract for those services they have requested and pay monthly fees - every month until the contract expires.

  • my client is offering the products and services to businesses only - not individuals, and the catalogue is not accesible to public, only to pre-approved and registered user groups. So, it's a Business to Business type of store.

    [color=#b22222][size=5]Product Structure[/size][/color]

  • some products are configurable, like “Small Server System” for example, where customer can choose either default configuration or add extra CPU, RAM, HD space etc. , while others (like software licence) are just simple products.

  • Some products have additional surcharge in form of “One-off Setup Fee”. This is not a part of the product cost and the amount cannot be added to the product price. It has to be added automatically somehow when customer add this product to the basket, and has to be calculated separatelly - not increasing the total amount from products.

  • The surcharge (where applicable) need to be per item quantity, so if customer select “Small Server System” (which has this surcharge for set-up) and type 5 in quantity box, then the surcharge will be added 5 times - once for each server system.

    [color=#b22222][size=5]What is Requested by my Client[/size][/color]

    There could be a way to add this surcharge per item without creating it as a special product - I don't know. The way I have done it was to create a product for this “set-up” fee, than included it as “required” product within every product which is using surcharge fee. This is not ideal scenario, but at least the amount is added separately to the cart, not included in product price.

    What I was not able to produce - and this is ESSENTIAL to my client - is to show separate totals on invoice / purchase order.

    My client wants the total cost to be made out of product prices only, then a sparate total that would show combined surcharge fee.

    For example:

    [color=#ff8c00]Product Unit Price Price[/color]

    server system x 4 $400 $1600

    large System x 2 $550 $1100

    Software licence x 5 $60 $300

    [color=#ff0000] Total products: $3000[/color]

    [color=#ff8c00]Additional Charge Unit Price Price[/color]

    S.system set-up x4 $150 $600

    L. system set-up x 2 $200 $400

    [color=#ff0000] Total surcharge: $1000[/color]

    My question is this:

  • is it possible to achieve a separate calculation, and subtotals generatated by separate calculations to be shown on invoice?

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we already provided feedback.

look forward to hearing from you.

best regards,

WSA team


I have worked out the solution. It was there in front of my nose all the time, but I haven't thought about it. Because CS-Cart is so rich with options and so flexible to customize, there's bound to be a way if you think outside the box.

So, what I have done in the end was quite simple:

  • I have used the TAX calculation to achieve what I need, as the TAX can be calculated separatelly and also provided as a subtotal.

  • I have created a new TAX called “Setup Fee” and asign “absolute” instead of %, so the set up fee will be added in the exact amount

  • In general settings, I have chosen for tax to be applied “per item”, not to subtotal

  • I have also chose “TAX not included in a price”

  • in language translation, I have changed “taxes” into “Additional Charges”

    Now everything works as I wanted, product totals and “additional charges” are calculated separately, showing in cart separately and in generated order as well.

    Many thanks to Andrew from Web Shop Addons for replying to my request and offering help, I really appreciate it and will keep you in mind for the future. There will be other jobs and other needs for customisation I am sure, as I am going to use CS-CART a lot - it's the best e-commerce software overall.

    I just wanted to post my solution here, in case anybody else is trying to do a similar thing in CS-Cart.